Looking for a change of management?

From time to time Owners Corporations will change managers. We’re here to help tailor a management plan to your Owners Corporation’s specific needs.

  • Do you want to feel connected with quick and efficient communication?
  • Are you looking for a manager who has experience with handling legal and financial challenges?
  • Would a fresh take on things help resolve some differences you may be experiencing?
  • Does your property have special features you want valued and protected?
  • Do you need help to ensure that you’re following your obligations to the fullest?

At Select OwnersCorp Management we’re ready to assist

A pleasant place to live

The ability to enjoy your property derives from its cleanliness, its condition and peace between its lot owners.

Select OwnersCorp Management focuses on maintenance planning that minimises the chance for surprises and their unpleasant consequences. We recommend that all service providers register with Trades Monitor. In doing so, your work-quality and service-accreditation are guaranteed.

You may already have long-standing relationships with some much loved service providers like gardeners and caretakers. That’s no problem. We establish a positive working relationship with everyone.

At Select OwnersCorp Management we know that you don’t want to spend your time following up day-to-day owners corporation matters. That’s why we respond rapidly to your issues. We’ll take care of your official paperwork – your registers, record keeping, grievance procedures and Owners Corporation certificates.

Most importantly, we also know that you want to keep the peace between lot owners. Our policy of positive outcomes extends to all – lot owners, real estate agents and third parties!!

Protecting the value of your asset

By carefully understanding the peculiarities of your property, we’ll arrange insurance that protects its ambiance, period features and architectural history.

Select OwnersCorp Management works directly with the insurance industry’s largest providers and best brokers. Together we have access to a full suite of insurance products at competitive prices. We’ll also arrange valuations and lodge claims on your behalf if required.

Select OwnersCorp Management works with experts in evaluating common property risk. Our aim is proactivity, sensitivity and maximising your asset’s value.

Smooth committee processes

Annual general meetings are key moments in the functioning of every owners corporation.

At Select OwnersCorp Management we strive to take the stress out of general meetings and will provide procedural guidance to your committee on other matters as well.

We’ll compile your financials and budgets, arrange your audits, set your agenda and take minutes. We’ll even act as your meeting’s Chairperson.


At Select OwnersCorp Management we constantly keep up to date with all relevant laws.

The Owners Corporation Act 2006 and Regulations 2007; Subdivision Act 1988; Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 and Regulations; Building Act 1993; and Building Regulations 2006 – are just a few examples of legislation that have an impact on your owners corporation and its functions.

Our industry knowhow ensures that your owners corporation will always be compliant.

Whether it’s the preparation of owners corporation certificates or the maintenance of your property’s Essential Safety Measures we’ll make fulfilling your obligations “legal-easy”.

We’re even happy to liaise with developers, local councils and government bodies on your behalf as projects arise.

Straightforward and transparent financial reporting

At Select OwnersCorp Management we are regularly complimented on our straightforward and easy to understand financial reporting.

We’ll make running your committees easy by preparing budgets, setting and collecting levies, following up debt collection and minimising your costs by hiring the best service providers for your needs.

Our association with leaders in the Owners Corporation software field also ensures our systems are at the cutting edge.

At Select OwnersCorp Management we’ll never compromise on financial accuracy.